Selecting the Perfect Size Rug


At Milagro Collective, we seek to celebrate tradition and family by creating the perfect heirloom and the most grounding piece in a room... the rug! However, sometimes finding the perfect fit can be a little challenging. We’re here to help!

The right rug size can feel a little like Goldie Locks. A rug that’s too large can make the room feel smaller. A rug that’s too small can cause a room to feel uninviting and overwhelming. The right sized rug will bring balance and sophistication to any space.


You have two rug placement options for a bedroom rug: positioning a rug under the bed to create a framing effect or using runners to outline the bed's edges. When framing the bed, extend the rug 24-36 inches around the bed's perimeter. The goal of a bedroom rug is to provide a comfortable landing for your feet, so no need to extend it behind the headboard. Typically, an 8x10 rug suits a queen-sized bed, while a 9x12 complements a king-size bed. Runners offer a great alternative to a large rug and can be placed along the sides or at the foot of the bed.

Design: Heather Rowland Design

Dining Room

When it comes to dining rooms, the key is to ensure that your table and chairs all gracefully rest upon the rug. Leave approximately 22-24 inches of rug extending beyond the table's edges to allow ample space for comfortable chair movement. If your table comes with leaves, select a rug that accommodates the table at its maximum size.

Design: Megan Hermis Interiors

Living Spaces

For living spaces, the size of the rug should match the scale of your room. For larger living areas where furniture appears to float in the center, opt for a rug that fully accommodates all furniture without creating a crowded atmosphere. When your furniture hugs the walls, strive to place the front legs of most pieces on the rug. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce the texture of an oushak rug. In more compact living spaces, centering a small rug beneath the coffee table can be quite effective.

Design: Frances Claire Interiors


Did you know that wool is a moisture-wicking material, and can act as a natural humidifier? This makes our rugs ideal for bathrooms! Although we don’t recommend placing your oushak directly in front of the shower (use a traditional cotton bath mat for this!), they work wonderfully in front of sinks or in the middle of a larger bathroom. For a bathroom with double vanities, a longer runner the length of the vanities or two matching smaller rugs can be used in front of each sink. A 2x3 or 3x5 size is ideal for single vanity bathrooms.

Design: Ashley Higgins Interiors


Kitchens, where foot traffic and spills are common, benefit from thoughtful rug placement. Place a small rug in front of the sink for both practicality and style. In kitchens featuring a center island or a galley layout, consider a runner that spans the island's length or the entire kitchen area, leaving 3-6 inches from the edge of the cabinets to allow floors to show.

Design: Jennifer Hunter Design


Hallways, often overlooked spaces, can be transformed with the addition of runners. You can enhance their appeal by flanking a runner with furniture on both sides, or create an intriguing dynamic by allowing the runner to dominate one side while placing furniture against the opposite wall. This approach adds style and dimension to otherwise mundane hallways. Runners should span the length of the hallway, and measure 3-5 inches in from the walls in width. Ideally the runner should be as long as possible without sitting flush with the walls.We can customize all rugs to fit the exact dimensions of your space. This is essential when it comes to finding the perfect size runner. When in doubt... tape it out!

Design: Heather Rowland Design


Entries are the highest traffic rooms in most homes. We recommend a Turkish knot oushak because of their durability and low pile. Keep it simple and place a small doormat in front of the door. If you want to go larger, we recommend 18”-24” of bare floor exposed around all sides of the rug, however you can get away with a little less in an entry.