thoughtfully designed by female founders

Shop our collection of rugs designed in collaboration with female founders from across the country. Each rug from this collection was mindfully crafted to inspire and lay the perfect foundation for any space!


Catherine Cartie Calligraphy

About Catherine

Catherine Cartie is a watercolor artist, illustrator, and calligrapher based in Fort Worth, Texas who specializes in licensing custom artwork and watercolor patterns to wedding stationers, children's clothing companies, and brands across the country. She also has her own product shop consisting of original paintings and art prints, notecards, gift wrap, and a yearly holiday card collection. Catherine Cartie Calligraphy was founded in 2016 when Catherine found herself as a new mom needing a creative outlet of her own, and it has grown steadily since then. When Catherine isn't painting or dreaming of new product or pattern ideas, you can find her on the tennis court, at some kind of kids sporting event, or at her favorite local coffee shop with her friends and her 3 beautifully crazy children Jack, Elliot, and Maes.

The "Cartie"

Catherine began painting a series of butterflies in May of 2021 when she was in a bit of a creative rut and needed to create something just for herself. As it turned out, these paintings resonated with her audience in such an unexpected way. She had many people reaching out to tell her that the butterflies were so special to them because they reminded them of a loved one they had lost. To be able to connect on that level with people she didn’t even know before meant the world to Catherine! It really made her understand the power that art has to bring us together. Those butterflies took on a life of their own and have been featured on children's clothing, calendars, ornaments, and now hand knotted rugs by Milagro Collective!

Charleston Blonde

Meet Jaime

Jaime Huffman's blog, Charleston Blonde, shares her life of travel, fashion, motherhood, and gracious southern living. It is the answer to her followers’ calls for a guide to all the best spots, both new and old, in picturesque Charleston.  
Jaime has southern roots despite her geographically diverse family. She grew up a beach bum in Fort Lauderdale, FL (spending more time in the ocean than not) and kickstarted her entrepreneurial spirit by selling seashells she had retrieved to friends and neighbors. Jaime always knew she wanted to be a South Carolinian, and after spending many spring breaks and summer vacations in Charleston, her family moved to South Carolina when she was 15 years old.

The "Dolly"

Jaime finds inspiration all around her! She tends to lean towards things that are bright and colorful. Prominent fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle are often her biggest resources. She loves to rock saturated bright colors such as fuchsia, royal blue, and emerald green, which are inspired by the historic buildings and homes around Charleston.
Jaime believes the perfect home should not only represent your vision and creativity but should also be tailored to your lifestyle. She wants her style to reflect her personality and passions, the “Dolly” rug does just this. The “Dolly” is named after Dolly Parton, because Bridget and Jaime decided the pink and butterflies are very "Dolly."


Courtney Gaynier Fine Art

About Courtney

An artist at heart since childhood, Courtney Gaynier fell in love with painting while studying abroad in college. She had the privilege of attending a summer program in Florence, Italy, watercoloring her way across Tuscany. In 2006, she earned her BFA in Graphic Design and worked professionally for 10 years as a publication designer and art director in New York City and Boston.

Eventually settling on Cape Cod with her husband and son, Courtney found her true passion again. Inspired by the ocean and surroundings, she seeks out soft pastels and free-flowing textures in both her seascapes and abstract pieces.

The "Gaynier"

Living on the coast is Courtney's inspiration for her work. "I like to think of my paintings as love letters to the sea,” she explains. When creating the rug for her living room, the focus was on serene, coastal vibes. Courtney loves to layer textures and patterns with colors that evoke a feeling of calm. This traditional style oushak features sea tones of navy blue, periwinkle, light pink, light green, and white.

Courtney Hummel Art

Meet Courtney

Courtney Hummel is a self-taught artist and stay-at-home mom from Louisiana. She likes to say her business began as a “homemaker’s hobby”. The trial and error painting began in her guest room over six years ago as an outlet and fun way to fill her evenings while her husband was studying. Over the years, she’s learned more about herself, style, and everything in between.

Courtney’s family and faith play a huge role in the inspiration department these days. She also loves eclectic styles mixed with traditional looks, which has influenced her work. Following other artists and interior designers who push the limits and think outside the box are huge reasons she’s not afraid to take risks and try new things. She believes there is art out there for everyone. “We never know if the ideas we are anxiously waiting to get out is what even just one collector is searching for,” she explains.

The "Rosalie"

Courtney loves that each piece of art has a story or purpose behind it. Her home is filled with her own art in addition to pieces she has collected over time. Every room is exciting, not boring, and her kids and husband love it!

The “Rosalie” is named after Courtney’s daughter who joined their family during the same crazy season their house was purchased. Designed for their keeping room, through which guests enter, Courtney wanted it to be a fun, welcoming rug. This room is also used for folding laundry and the kids' play area, so the rug needed to serve as a foundation for all aspects of life. The colors in the rug were based on the Lulie Wallace “Mims” fabric that is on her couch. It’s a little bit funky and colorful, which is exactly what this rug is!

Emily Nichols Art

About Emily

Emily Nichols is a self-taught abstract artist that resides with her husband, three young children in Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up, she was always finding ways to be creative. She always loved art classes, but studied to be a ballerina until going to college at Texas Christian University. After being an elementary school teacher and then a stay at home mom to her three children, Emily found painting as a creative outlet during the pandemic. What started out as a painting for her own home quickly grew to painting for friends, family, and now people all across the country.

Emily loves finding the perfect mix and balance of colors to bring her paintings interest, depth, and layers of texture. She finds joy out of being creative and letting herpaintbrush and her process guide the direction of each painting. Her signature 'confetti style' painting reminds you that there are moments in each day worthy of celebrating. Emily hopes that her paintings make you stop and smile every time you walk by them in your homes.

The "Emily"

What are you celebrating today? A birthday, a new baby, a new job, an anniversary, having a dinner party with friends, you watched your child learn something new, your kids actually ate the dinner you cooked last night, or slept through the night (definitely worthy of a celebration), you had 10 minutes to drink and enjoy your coffee this morning, or got to have an overdue visit with a good friend?
We tend to focus on only the big moments as being worthy of a celebration, but the little things and everyday moments are worth celebrating too! Emily's hope is that her paintings, confetti fabric, and now custom rug with Milagro Collective with the slogan, “Celebrate Every Day” can serve as a reminder that there is something (even if it’s little) to celebrate each and every day! We hope that every time you see it, it brings a smile to your face and that this new rug in your home is there for all of the celebrations both big and small that life brings your way!

Evelyn Henson

About Evelyn

Brushed with a love for all things creative, Evelyn Henson grew up in Columbus, GA where she always had an appreciation for art. She first discovered her love for painting when she attempted a floral "still life" as a Mother's Day gift in college. Since then, she hasn’t been able to put down the paint brush and feels there is something about art that brings out her happiest, brightest self. Evelyn started selling a few prints on Etsy and slowly created a colorful and happy gift brand that has been featured in Glamour, Domino, Redbook, People, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Martha Stewart, and more.

Evelyn finds inspiration in everyday life, from flowers she sees on a morning walk to a floral dress worn by a girl in a coffee shop. She especially finds inspiration in the people who bring her joy every day. Most of Evelyn’s products start with thinking about what she would want to give her sister or a friend.

The "Henson"

Evelyn Henson's home is a curated collection of favorite prints and colors that spark joy, including meaningful artwork and décor that remind her of cherished memories, family and friends, and having space to celebrate loved ones. The “Henson” rug is named in honor of Evelyn's parents and siblings, who first showed her that family is the best part of the home.
Evelyn wanted to incorporate a fun border into the design, and that’s exactly what we did! The “Henson” displays a combination of more border layers than any other Milagro Collective rug, incorporating waves, vines, florals, and Greek key elements. The middle design is a funky mixture of botanicals and traditional oushak symbols, making a statement piece that is sure to be art for your floors!

Frances Claire Interiors

About Nicole

Frances Claire Interiors is a full service interior design studio that creates specialized spaces. Nicole Sisneros, owner and lead designer, aims to create liveable and joyful interiors with timeless design elements to help make your home a haven. 

Nicole's love and passion for interior design grew as she was building her own home and dreaming up special features for her future family. After the completion of her home, she and her husband welcomed their first daughter and she made the transition to being a full-time- stay-at-home mom. Three children and nursery designs later, their family quickly outgrew their dream home and made a big decision to move to the west coast to be near family.

In 2020, Nicole and her family began building a semi-custom home in Las Vegas. This home-build encouraged her to work full-time as owner and lead designer of Frances Claire Interiors. Nicole believes that custom designs are the backdrop for all of life’s precious moments.

The "Charlotte"

Inspired by timeless design elements and lots of color, Nicole loves to go bold with a space and incorporate thoughtful uses of color. "Traditional with a twist is my favorite!", she says.

Named after her first daughter, Charlotte, this oushak was originally designed for Nicole's primary bathroom. Nicole wanted to ground the space and make a statement with this 14’ runner. The hero fabric of the primary suite is Lee Jofa’s ‘Chinese Peony.” For the bathroom, we drew out some of the pink undertones while still incorporating the mint and cornflower hues used in the bedroom. Nicole says, "once we rolled out the runner, it instantly made the space warmer!"

Heather Wolff Interiors


About Heather

Heather Wolff, lead designer and founder of Heather Wolff Interiors, made the decision to fulfill her passion and pursue a career in interior design. It has been nearly three years and she has never looked back. Traveling the world and spending time with family sparks her creativity and love for design. Heather finds inspiration all around her – from magazines and Instagram to fabrics and pieces of art. She loves mixing colors and patterns to create a unique and sophisticated look. Working with clients to fulfill their vision of a beautiful yet functional living space is her ultimate reward.

The "Addison"

The Addison rug was named after Heather's daughter, Addie, who is her greatest inspiration. When designing her office rug, Heather chose vibrant and uplifting colors to represent her daughter’s big heart and charismatic personality. The oushak collectively showcases a bright and light combination of pink, lilac, green and blue.


Jennifer Hunter Design

About Jennifer

Jennifer Hunter Design is a boutique residential interior design firm based in New York City. Jennifer’s clients feel that their homes are true reflections of themselves. She prides herself on creating sophisticated, yet comfortable spaces tailored to reflect her clients’ lifestyles and unique personalities. The firm is currently working on projects in New York City, Washington, D.C., Tenafly, New Jersey, Austin, Texas and Palm Beach, Florida.

Growing up in a design and real estate focused family, Jennifer discovered her love for architecture and design at a very young age. Her formal foray into interior design began in 2006 when she had the privilege of interning for the late Albert Hadley.

Upon graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Architecture, Jennifer earned her Master’s degree in American Fine and Decorative Arts from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City. Jennifer credits her extensive design knowledge to time spent at residential design firms before forming Jennifer Hunter Design in early 2019. She currently lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two daughters.

The "Hunter"

When designing Jennifer's collaboration rug, we focused on Khotan motifs and block prints, with some traditional Oushak elements throughout in an abstract pattern. The rug, designed for Jennifer’s living room in her future Washington, CT home, features muted tones of green, blue, cream, and raspberry. We believe it will lay the perfect foundation for Jennifer's country home!

Jennifer has always had an affinity towards traditional design; however, her skills were sharpened when she had the privilege of interning for Albert Hadley, who taught her to edit. "You can’t just throw every pretty fabric in one room. There needs to be a rhyme and reason and some unifying thread. One also needs to understand ‘the why’ and the historical significance," explains Jennifer.

Jennifer describes her home as very "me" and “traditional, but livable for a young family," and believes "a home is meant to be lived in, if something gets a little beat up it gives it character!"

Katey McFarlan Hellman

About Katey

Katey Hellman is the writer and founder of the blog, Chronicles of Frivolity, a platform dedicating to helping women "make the simple special." She is THE go-to girl for everything from how to organize a home to how to style your family for Christmas card photos. What started as a cheeky hobby ultimately became a way for Katey to combine her background in PR and personalize products to readers.

Katey has turned COF into a community where a blog feels like your best friend. Katey’s approach to style is that when your clothes, home, and work look good, you feel even better. The COF girl is never afraid to embrace her true style, whether that is mixing prints or keeping it neutral. Chronicles of Frivolity focuses on personal style through home decor, beauty and fashion.

The “Gigi”

The “Gigi”, named after Katey’s mother who taught her the importance of using the home to take care of family, is a play on a traditional diamond sisal rug. It incorporates elements of blue from Katey’s dining room wallpaper with pops of pink to add a slight feminine touch and matches the soft creamy linen, green, and blue palette of her home.

This rug is meant to be in the middle of the action and designed to not only be an aesthetically beautiful living room centerpiece, but also withstand high traffic. The diamond design illustrates Katey’s love of singing a song to her two children, Maxi and Harry, about two hearts connected, by two colors interlocked and weaved repeatedly. Inspired by the simple things, Katey embraces everyday life at home, staying true to her style as a mother, while being cognizant of who her home is for. While a Nest candle may always be burning with a fresh plate of cookies on the counter, there’s sure to be a whole lot of love, laughter, and joy throughout the Hellman House.

Lisa Hicks Interiors

About Lisa

Lisa Hicks, owner and lead designer of Lisa Hicks Interiors, designs high-end residential and boutique commercial projects across the country. From full-service design to decorating and styling, Lisa never settles for anything less than perfection. Her projects are customized and personalized—and just as unique as the clients she works with.

Lisa has been living out her design dream long before she became a designer. In each home she and her husband Ken have lived in, they have restored and designed it with tremendous passion and love. She says, “I am so fortunate to be in a career I love, that motivates and inspires me, and most importantly allows me to be the busy mom that I am.” Living in Groton, Massachusetts with her husband, four beautiful children, black lab, and white maltipoo, Lisa Hicks Interiors is truly a family affair. She loves raising her children in historic homes, while teaching them to care for the space around them, find beauty in the old, and to appreciate those that have come before.

The "Hicks"

Inspired by crisp, clean, elegant, and functional design, Lisa believes clients should love everything in their home because interiors are very holistic. By taking care of a home, this invokes a sense of calm that inspires and motivates while allowing clients to recharge and connect with family in a very comfortable and relaxed way. To Lisa, this mentality is the recipe to creating the perfect home.

When designing “Hicks”, Lisa wanted to utilize intricate batik patterns while keeping them muted and neutral. Shaped with her primary bathroom in mind, we incorporated very soft, light, and pretty colors, such as Sherwin Williams “Lullaby” (the vanity color), and Benjamin Moore “Chantilly Lace” (the wall color). The bathroom, designed to be a truly relaxing space, is a getaway from the daily hustle. This rug is sure to evoke a sense of peace and calming in any room!

Lacey Does

About Lacey

Lacey Hennessey is a self-taught artist, muralist, and entrepreneur based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Her body of work is often a reflection of her personality -- colorful and fun, displaying bold lines and patterns, all with purpose. Lacey’s mediums range from digital applications to acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media collages, and textile design. Her love for travel and the freedom to explore new opportunities was the catalyst for the pursuit of her art career and is what drives her creative spirit every day.

The "Hennessey"

While Lacey was searching for a rug to anchor the heart of her home, the living room, she struggled to find the perfect one. Her home is a collection of what makes her happy, and she strongly believes that one's house should be a reflection of their personality. Using Procreate, Lacey pulled her favorite colors and elements, like coral and greek key, and got to work designing her dream rug. The "Hennessey" is a colorful rug, yet still muted in tone. It allowed Lacey to place all of her favorite artwork onto a gallery wall while still anchoring her favorite patterned swivel chairs and owning placement to her adjacent hand painted mural on the wall. The "Hennessey" is a true reflection of Lacey's fun personality and her motto, "more is more - always."

Pearly Gates Designs

About Carrie

Pearly Gates Designs is a watercolor design studio founded by Carrie Gates Hawkins to put a little more celebration, joy and color into the world! Carrie is a watercolor artist and pattern designer specializing in painting whimsical illustrations. Carrie finds her inspiration in being outside and "finding the magic in the ordinary"- whether it is a tiny wildflower bursting through a sidewalk crack or a butterfly flying by at just the right time!

The "Hawkins"


Carrie currently lives in the colorful West Texas desert of Midland, Texas with her husband and two little girls. Carrie's artwork has been featured within a range of industries from children's clothing, interior design, women's fashion, and even the Milagro Collective logo.

This rug, like Carrie, has a joyous spirit and uplifting personality. Inspired by Carrie's handprinted florals and scallop border, this rug is sure to set the tone for the sweetest of spaces. The "Hawkins" rug is special, not only because Carrie and Bridget are neighbors and live right down the street, but it is the first rug Carrie has designed. We are so honored to be a part of creating this piece and know you'll love it as much as we do!