Unraveling the Art of Rug Selection

At Milagro Collective, we understand the transformative power of a well-chosen rug. It's not just a piece of decor; it's a statement that unifies and defines your space, whether it's in your living room, dining area, or welcoming hallway. The perfect rug reflects your personal style, complements your space's traffic and color scheme, and aligns with your budget. With the vast array of options available, understanding rug pricing is crucial for making an informed decision that meets both your aesthetic and functional needs.
Rug Creation
In the realm of rug creation, two primary methods stand out: handwoven and machine-made. At Milagro Collective, we specialize in handwoven rugs, crafted with care and expertise that spans weeks to years. This labor of love, skill, and time contrasts with the efficiency of machine-made rugs, which naturally come at a lower cost due to reduced labor involvement.
Materials play a significant role in determining a rug's value. We pride ourselves on using natural fibers, renowned for their durability and quality. Silk and wool, for example, are not only durable but also possess antimicrobial properties, making them a wise investment. While natural fibers like sisal, seagrass, jute, and cotton offer slightly more affordability, they maintain a high standard of quality. Conversely, synthetic rugs, popular for their lower price points, may require more frequent replacement and upkeep.
Country of Origin
Rugs are a global art form, with each region contributing its unique touch. The cost of labor varies worldwide, influencing the final price of the rugs. For instance, rugs from China often cost less due to their machine-made nature and lower labor costs. In contrast, rugs crafted by skilled artisans in India or Turkey, like the ones sold at Milagro Collective, reflect generations of weaving expertise, command a higher price.
Artistry in Knots
Knot count, or knots per square inch (KPSI), is a critical measure of a rug's craftsmanship and detail. High knot count rugs from Milagro Collective offer intricate designs and superior quality, justifying their higher price.
Size Matters
As expected, the size of a rug directly affects its price. At Milagro Collective, we price our rugs based on square footage, making larger rugs a bigger investment compared to their smaller counterparts.
We believe in providing our customers with a detailed understanding of what goes into each handcrafted rug. From the skill of the weaver to the quality of materials and the intricacy of design, every factor plays a part in creating a rug that not only enhances your space but also tells a story of global craftsmanship and enduring quality.