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About Bridget

Bridget’s inspiration for Milagro Collective comes from all things Southern - from childhood memories of Low Country summer vacations to the day she met the love of her life in Auburn, Alabama. Since 2018, she operated as a one-woman show (with a little help from her muscle man/ husband). That all changed on November 11, 2021, when they welcomed their first baby, Lucy, to the team. She is already great at picking out the perfect wool color poms for the newest design and quickly learning the ins and outs of the rug business. When Bridget’s not spending time with family, you can usually find her hunting estate sales, rearranging the furniture, or traveling. She looks forward to the opportunity to bring love, “miracles,” and a touch of Southern hospitality to your home! 

Describe your style in three words or less:

Collected, feminine, timeless.

What have been the three biggest influences on your aesthetic in your life: 

Our annual family vacations to Fripp Island, South Carolina, definitely made an impression on me. Growing up in desolate West Texas, I was enamored with the vibrant colors & relaxed mood of the “slow country.”  The breathtakingly beautiful landscape and the charm of southern decor were such a contrast to West Texas. Ironically enough, the social vibe and constant buzz of life in the Permian basin have been another huge influence!  Because Midland lacks what most people would call natural beauty, we rely on our friends and families to fill that void. Our homes need to be made for living and entertaining!  Lastly, the inspiration I get from designers on social media cannot be undervalued. The design community is incredibly supportive, helpful, and inspiring!

How did you start your company, and/or what is your favorite thing about what you do:

I started Milagro Collective in 2018 as a solution to a big problem - our spiteful, adopted bulldog who likes to have “accidents” in every room and rug possible. We were cycling through machine-made rugs every few months, and when I began searching for quality, handmade rugs, the options were way out of our budget. I began sourcing vintage rugs straight from Turkey, then later began designing my own rugs to fill the need for odd and custom sizes with the traditional oushak style.

My favorite thing about what I do is bringing quality, affordable options to people in the same stage of life I’m in. From young kids and pets to messy homes, it’s empowering to let life happen because our rugs are pretty indestructible.

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Do you have a mentor in your career, and if so, how have they helped to shape your trajectory:

My Mom! Growing up, our home was always the place to be. Her motto was “everyone is invited!” Her heart for hospitality really set the stage for my love of having a happy home!

What does your home say about you:

My home is a reflection of my family! I want it to be a place associated with happiness and good times. I grew up in a home that was comfortable and welcoming, always full of guests, and I want our home to be the exact same way!

Where do you find inspiration:

My inspiration in life comes from all things Southern - from childhood memories of Low Country summer vacations to the day I met my husband in Auburn, Alabama.

Who are your style icons:

My grandmother. As a young child, I was aware of and appreciated the fact that my grandmother had a smattering of Asian pieces throughout her home. She somehow made them belong just perfectly in an otherwise chaotic space where 6 daughters would grow up and return with their sprawling families.

What are your key ingredients for entertaining:

A beautiful tablescape, fresh flowers, good lighting, music, a well-stocked bar, and candlelight! I’m not the best cook and always serve dinner way too late (a trait I inherited from my mother!) We always joke that our guests are starving by the time we serve dinner & that makes our cooking even better!

Do you collect anything:

All things tablescape! Block print and vintage tablecloths, unique vases, china, and vintage glassware.

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration:

@collins_interiors, @amys_interiors, and @jenkinsinteriors.

What design “rule” do you always follow, and which is made to be broken:

Experts say you should never mix patterns, but this is one of my favorite things to do! I love to play off the fun movements and colors in oushak rugs using patterns for pillows, furniture, and everything in between. My biggest pet peeve is overhead lighting so layering lighting is a must! Add different types of lighting such as sconces and floor and table lamps to create the perfect ambiance.

Photo by Heather Rowland

Photo by Heather Rowland

What are you working on right now:

Last year, I started collaborating with other women entrepreneurs to design rugs for their homes! This has been my favorite project to date. We have some amazing rugs launching this year as part of this collection!

Wardrobe staples:

A good denim and a chic pair of cowboy boots.

Favorite fabric/wallpaper:

I am currently crushing on the Lee Jofa Taplow Wallpaper! About to install it in our guest bathroom.

Best interior advice you ever received:

Measure twice, buy once.

Best career advice you ever received:

You can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea.

Types of home purchases you invest in, and save on:

Always splurge on rugs, drapery, and good-quality upholstery. Mix in fun vintage lighting and unique estate sale side tables and accent pieces to save.

Your greatest extravagance:

Travel! I would choose an experience over material things any day, all day. There is nothing better in life than checking in to a nice hotel or enjoying a fun meal or experience with family and friends. My husband may argue this and say my greatest extravagance is home decor though!

home decor

Favorite places to shop for home:

Estate Sales! I also love Facebook Marketplace, Charish, Etsy, and small-town antiquing.

Most prized possession and why:

We commissioned a painting of the low country from Caroline Doyle which was our first piece of art. It is so meaningful because it not only symbolizes where we were married but Caroline layered aspects of our wedding under the painting you cannot see with the naked eye.

Your interiors motto:

Always mix the old with the new.

Your life motto:

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” — Mother Teresa

Advice for someone looking to define their own interior style:

Start by asking yourself these questions: What patterns and colors do you like to wear? How do you like your home to feel? What will the space be used for? Take those three things into consideration then start a Pinterest board with anything and everything that inspires you (restaurants you loved the vibe in, places you’ve visited and felt relaxed, outfits that speak to you, etc) and go to town!

Take Ten: My Favorite…

Food: Blue Cheese Olives

Drink: Dirty martini (with blue cheese olives 😉)

Film: The Holiday

Hotel: The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX

City: Beaufort, SC

Bedding: Cozy Earth

Tea or Coffee (and how do you take it): Oat Milk Latte

Playlist: John Mayer all day, every day

Weekend Activity: lazy weekends at home with my husband and little girl

Design Book: The Decorated Home by Meg Braff 

Thank you for the feature Fenimore Lane!