“How’d She Do That?” Podcast

Hey y’all!

I'm excited to share with you my (long overdo) experience on the "How'd She Do That?" podcast, hosted by the wonderful Emily Landers. This platform is truly special – it's dedicated to exploring the inspiring journeys of women who have created impactful careers and lives.

During the podcast, I had the pleasure of diving into the story behind Milagro Collective. From our initial challenges to the achievements we've celebrated, I discussed the core of what we do – supporting communities, embracing sustainability, and infusing each product with a meaningful story.
Emily's insightful approach made our conversation more than just a recount of Milagro's journey. It was an opportunity to inspire and encourage anyone who has a dream, showing that with passion and resilience, anything is possible.
I invite you to listen to this episode. It's a reflection of our journey at Milagro Collective and a potential source of inspiration for your own aspirations.

Thanks for listening!!

xo - Bridget

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