Milagro Methodology: Tips for Smoothing Creases

At Milagro Collective, we understand the beauty and value of your handcrafted rug, and we know it's normal for these artisanal pieces to develop creases and wrinkles. But don't worry, they can be easily smoothed out with minimal effort.

1. Addressing Shipping Creases: When your rug arrives with creases, our first recommendation is to gently roll the rug on its reverse side and allow it to rest for a couple of days. This usually helps in easing out the folds. Alternatively, you can place weighty objects, like a stack of books, on the affected areas to encourage them to flatten.

2. Removing Dents: If your rug has developed dents from furniture or other heavy items, a simple trick is to place ice cubes on the dented area. As the ice melts, it revives the rug's fibers. After the ice has melted, you can softly fluff up the fibers with your fingers or use a gentle brush to bring back the rug's original texture.

3. Proper Rolling Technique for Storage: To preserve the quality of your rug during storage, we always advise rolling it instead of folding. This practice helps in maintaining the rug's shape and prevents the formation of permanent creases.

4. Preventing Rug Buckling: If your rug tends to buckle or ripple, employing a rug pad can be a great solution. A rug pad adds grip and stability, reducing movement and consequently preventing buckling.

Remember, your hand-knotted rug is a work of art. Handling it with care is essential to maintain its exquisite quality and ensure its longevity.