Pearly Gates Designs X MC

About Carrie

Pearly Gates Designs is a watercolor design studio founded by Carrie Gates Hawkins to put a little more celebration, joy and color into the world! Carrie is a watercolor artist and pattern designer specializing in painting whimsical illustrations. Carrie finds her inspiration in being outside and "finding the magic in the ordinary"- whether it is a tiny wildflower bursting through a sidewalk crack or a butterfly flying by at just the right time! 

The "Hawkins"

Carrie currently lives in the colorful West Texas desert of Midland, Texas with her husband and two little girls. Carrie's artwork has been featured within a range of industries from children's clothing, interior design, women's fashion, and even the Milagro Collective logo.

 This rug, like Carrie, has a joyous spirit and uplifting personality. Inspired by Carrie's handprinted florals and scallop border, this rug is sure to set the tone for the sweetest of spaces. The "Hawkins" rug is special, not only because Carrie and Bridget are neighbors and live right down the street, but it is the first rug Carrie has designed. We are so honored to be a part of creating this piece and know you'll love it as much as we do!