About Lisa

Lisa Hicks, owner and lead designer of Lisa Hicks Interiors, designs high-end residential and boutique commercial projects across the country. From full-service design to decorating and styling, Lisa never settles for anything less than perfection. Her projects are customized and personalized—and just as unique as the clients she works with. 

Lisa has been living out her design dream long before she became a designer.  In each home she and her husband Ken have lived in, they have restored and designed it with tremendous passion and love.  She says, “I am so fortunate to be in a career I love, that motivates and inspires me, and most importantly allows me to be the busy mom that I am.”  Living in Groton, Massachusetts with her husband, four beautiful children, black lab, and white maltipoo, Lisa Hicks Interiors is truly a family affair. She loves raising her children in historic homes, while teaching them to care for the space around them, find beauty in the old, and to appreciate those that have come before.


The "Hicks"

Inspired by crisp, clean, elegant, and functional design, Lisa believes clients should love everything in their home because interiors are very holistic. By taking care of a home, this invokes a sense of calm that inspires and motivates while allowing clients to recharge and connect with family in a very comfortable and relaxed way.  To Lisa, this mentality is the recipe to creating the perfect home.

When designing “Hicks”, Lisa wanted to utilize intricate batik patterns while keeping them muted and neutral. Shaped with her primary bathroom in mind, we incorporated very soft, light, and pretty colors, such as Sherwin Williams “Lullaby” (the vanity color), and Benjamin Moore “Chantilly Lace” (the wall color). The bathroom, designed to be a truly relaxing space, is a getaway from the daily hustle. This rug is sure to evoke a sense of peace and calming in any room!