Lacey Does X MC

About Lacey

Lacey Hennessey is a self-taught artist, muralist, and entrepreneur based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Her body of work is often a reflection of her personality -- colorful and fun, displaying bold lines and patterns, all with purpose. Lacey’s mediums range from digital applications to acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media collages, and textile design. Her love for travel and the freedom to explore new opportunities was the catalyst for the pursuit of her art career and is what drives her creative spirit every day.

The "Hennessey"

While Lacey was searching for a rug to anchor the heart of her home, the living room, she struggled to find the perfect one. Her home is a collection of what makes her happy, and she strongly believes that one's house should be a reflection of their personality. Using Procreate, Lacey pulled her favorite colors and elements, like coral and greek key, and got to work designing her dream rug. The "Hennessey" is a colorful rug, yet still muted in tone. It allowed Lacey to place all of her favorite artwork onto a gallery wall while still anchoring her favorite patterned swivel chairs and owning placement to her adjacent hand painted mural on the wall. The "Hennessey" is a true reflection of Lacey's fun personality and her motto, "more is more - always."